Smart Vending Solutions

Smart Vending Solutions

To Modernize a traditional vending machines, Kemsys offers an intelligent solution, SKATE-212. SKATE provides an exceptional shopping experiences to the customers all over the world. It gives your old machine a new life by providing full connectivity to the cloud (GSM/WiFi/BLE/Camera), enabling new business opportunities from Digital signage, digital marketing, product detailing and cashless payments.

Is your vending machine smart?

Real time Inventory Track

Remote Management

Enhanced User Experience

Digital Signage

Multiple Payment Gateway

Face Detection & Surveillance

These flexible platforms open up exciting new opportunities for businesses to create automated convenience stores for food, beverages, and other items on every street corner. With support for high-definition displays, interactive touchscreens, and multiple payment methods, the platforms can be rapidly customized for multiple retail scenarios.

Benefits for Companies and Customers !!

Introducing Kemsys Smart Vending Development Kit, SKATE-212, providing exceptional modern-day vending platform experience for both operators and consumers alike.

Live inventory tracking, active machine sensors and video surveillance will allow the operators to minimize the cost of maintenance and monitor the status of all your installed vending machines.

Cellular and WiFi connectivities allow you to communicate with your machines, anytime and everywhere.

Provides a great flexibility for all new forms of payment collection, whether it’s coin/bill counting checking and counting, classic payments, cashless payments, NFC Payments and other payment methods.

Provides a unique user experience to the customers by supplying product information. Each customer will be treated uniquely based on customer metrics, demography services and technologies such as gender, age detection by face recognition. New source of revenue can come from renting the advertisement spaces on the vending machine screen and it is possible to record the interaction of customers with the help of integrated 8MP camera.


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This Development kit comprises a Snapdragon 212 SBC featuring built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, an optional 7” capacitive touch screen, and an optimized Android BSP to provide an affordable solution for interactive multimedia kiosks, Vending and signage systems.

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