IoT Street Lighting Nodes

Enables efficient energy utilization

IoT based intelligent street lighting nodes for Smart City

The street lighting is one of the largest energy expenses for a city, as 40% of the energy budget of a city is attributable to street lighting. Civil authorities and city planners have started realizing that shifting to smart LED street lighting is the need of the hour. An intelligent street lighting system can cut municipal street lighting costs as much as 50% – 70%. Moreover, it contributes to a reduction in environmental impact. An intelligent street lighting system adjusts light output based on usage and occupancy, i.e., automating classification of pedestrian versus cyclist, versus automotive. An intelligent street light management proposes the installation of the wireless based system to remotely track and control the actual energy consumption of the street lights and take appropriate energy consumption reduction measures through power conditioning and control.

Kemsys, one of the leading IoT device design house, offers Street Lighting Management Solution. Kemsys has designed, developed, and manufactured these LoRa based street lighting nodes in-house, and deployed in large numbers for its customers.

Kemsys Street Light Controller

Kemsys Street Light Controller is a Smart IoT device based on LoRA WAN, and comes with remote communication ability. It controls the street light intelligently by switching ON/OFF or dimming at right time to utilize the electricity efficiently. It also monitors the power consumption of each light. Two versions of the product are available: NEMA version (with Standard NEMA connector on the device) and Non-NEMA version (wired version to support existing LED street lights). The system can be operated in auto mode and manual mode. In auto mode, field staff can pre-configure the street light brightness for through out the night, at required timings. Such kind of intelligent system offers following advantages.

  • Automatic Switching of Street lights
  • Maintenance Cost Reduction
  • Reduction of light pollution
  • Wireless Communication
  • Energy Saving
  • Reduction of manpower

Key Features:

  • On Board SMPS for AC-DC conversion
  • ON, OFF and Analog Dimming (0-10V)
  • Class-1 Energy meter to measure the energy consumed by each load
  • Digital ambient light sensor (LUX sensor) with high-precision
  • human-eye response
  • Super cap for power failure alerts
  • Real Time Clock
  • Galvanic Isolations
  • 10KV Surge protection for the SMPS
  • High MTBF up to 60,000 Hours


Complete Smart Street Lighting Solution for Smart Cities

Kemsys has designed cloud based multi-functional & unique smart street lighting solution with remote device management (RDM) platform – ideal to manage large-scale outdoor lighting networks in order to control and monitor street lighting infrastructure while saving energy and reducing maintenance costs. Simple to control and monitor all luminaires in one place on a map, decrease maintenance costs and increase savings. Street Lighting (RDM) is just the first step of more sophisticated Smart City platform development process.




The system offers following unique features.

  • Lighting nodes visualization on the map
  • Lighting nodes configuration & selective dimming
  • Lighting nodes grouping & configuration
  • Calendar dimming scheduling (with hourly / minute)
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